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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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coach. >> that's right, his name is hue jackson. in berea. first, live team coverage of browns. >> we begin with sports director andy baskin live in hi, andy. day. hue jackson will be named the 16th full-time coach of your cleveland browns, the 8th since 1999. we are expecting him and sashi brown to be on the podium tonight. he definitely knows the afc north. that's probably one of the big reasons the browns liked him. he has been with the ravens, and of course with baltimore as their offensive coordinator. many believe he was the best candidate available. he was their first choice. but the big question tonight clearly will be what is the future of johnny manziel. >> i think it means the
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hue jackson is a no-nonsense type of coach, and i think johnny manziel's days with the cleveland browns are now numbered. he is going to want to bring in his own guy because there's no way he's going to hitch his wagon to man se. >> reporter: it has been an interesting day around town. a lot of positive reaction for the browns hiring a guy that had head coaching experience. the first man on their list is a man they were able to get. back to you guys. >> all right, andy. turned out that mike has been digging into the background of the coach. >> back in 2011 it was the head coach of the oakland raiders. that team had spiraled down and all jackson did was lead the raiders to an 8-8 record, tied for first place in their division that year. still, it's the most wins that the team has had since he was the head coast. he's 50 years old, brings a ton of nfl experience, 15 years, as a matter of fact, of
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's been the offensive coordinator of four different nfl teams but he's a quarterback guru of sorts. with the ravens he worked with a rookie by the name of joe flacco who went on to win rookie of the year. all he's done with andy dalton is lead him to a career year and also help a young a.j. mccarron win a playoff game this year to help the bengals. will he have the same magic touch here in cleveland? that is exactly what owner jimmy haslem is hoping for. danita. >> our coverage continues on our news net 5 app. coming up in 10 minutes sports reporter lauren brill talks to players about their new coach. we're going to hear from coach hue jackson for the very first time since accepting his new position. we are also monitoring a condition out of streetsboro where three school buses
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kids to the hospital. newschannel5 has learned the students were taken to the hospital. we do after crew at the scene gathering information. check our newsnet5 app. our other big story the weather. bitter cold cities. mark, more snow? >> yeah, more snow moving in. it's the next alberta clipper. this one is much, much weaker than the one two days ago, though it is going to bring in some light snow. already west siders towards mansfield, the clouds are lowering and getting a few flakes reaching the ground around sandusky to mansfield. this is a loss, but it will quickly fill in west to east over the next two hours or. so look at the temperatures. it is so dog-gone cold. ashtabula to youngstown. so the lake-effect snow
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going to issue -- we're going to talk about a little lake- effect snow for tomorrow morning's rush. tonight is light snow, kind of a yellow alert. travel will be slippery as this light snow does continue to fall through at least midnight for most of you. look at these current windchills. below 0 still but we are going to warm you up. watch our temperatures, going up to near 20 by 10:00 p.m. with a light snow falling. we will talk about 40s and rain in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right, mark. over next 48 hours, this is veil al in apple's sandy. >> emily young was laid to rest this afternoon at spencer united methodist church in me dana county. she was shot to dint front of her young children last week. her estranged husband
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tonight wayne county's prosecutor is answering some tough questions after a five on your side investigation uncovered woods beepedded out murder. >> he's now in jail on a million dollars bond but two weeks before the murder we learned he was let out of jail after beg accused of sexual battery against a different woman. cleveland. warning sign? >> reporter: well, that's what we think may have vic happened. court records we reviewed showed woods bailed himself out for just $500 on december 23rd after a grand jury
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this woman told me tuesday woods raped her at a party. >> if someone is sleeping, they don't give consent. >> reporter: the prosecutor explained to me the chief criminal prosecutor recommended bond be set at $5,000. woods only required to pay 10%. >> his only criminal record is a misdemeanor conviction from ash land county in 2012. >> reporter: but let's concede this clue had no clue there were allegations that he threw into the couch. >> if we had that report, which we did not, and we read the allegations that in report, would we have factored in that? yes, that's true. >> reporter: so why didn't you have that report? >> because there was no record of a conviction. >> reporter: the legal aid society of cleveland told me
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the protection order may not have been immediately filed into a state database for prosecutors in another county to see. >> maybe it should be more of a policy that any time a protection order issue ised, whether served or not, it should be entered into the system to give somebody a heads-up that it does exist. >> reporter: they tell me clearly there's some gaps and there needs to be better communications between counties in ohio. an ohio. >> the hamilton county prosecutor says evidence matches the account of the father's incident. the man watched his son get on the school bus. later he heard a noise and grabbed his gun when the man opened a closet door. his son jumped out. it startled the man and he fired a shot, hitting his son in the neck.
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recorded a deadly crash with a cell phone will spend a month behind bars. he was sentenced for vehicle trespass and disorderly conduct. newschannel5 investigators have highlighted problems in cleveland's division of waste when it comes to overtime costs. today we asked tough questions to the man in charge. >> investigator jonathan walsh joins us. the city thinks that hat enough employees to. despite overtime, how did the department get to that point? who is responsible? and what about future overtime? the budget for 2015 was $471,000. actual payments so far, nearly $1.3 million. >> was there something that we
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yes, we, did and we did that differently. >> reporter: >> reporter: i was told there were too many trucks breaking down so the city bought 25 new garbage trucks. >> the equipment started to come in at the end of last year. we're just not getting that equipment into our routes. >> reporter: another problem, too many waste employees dumping out of works not coming in so the city went to the union. >> the collective bargaining agreement was signed, and those things changed how people take off and how people don't take o. >> reporter: the director explained public works was monitoring throughout the year in 2015 and made more adjustments including timing the route. >> with the change that we. we should not expect that kind of overtime any more.
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issues, is the director hesitant now. >> let me say one thing. if we have to use overtime, we will use overtime to complete our task. >> reporter: >> reporter: he's concerned. >> reporter: the question tonight, will this work this year. i will continue to let you know as i continue to follow it. i'm investigator jonathan walsh. we are waiting to hear from the browns' new head coach. >> but first we're hearing from some of the players about reaction. if you're planning a spring getaway, you may be surprised by some of the prices of airfare out of cleveland. how much you can expect to pay for your next vacation. here's the billion dollar question.
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here's the surprise p.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison
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we are following breaking
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jackson as head coach. jackson was recently worked out of cincinnati as the offensive coordinator for the bengals. he becomes the browns' 16th head coach. a new head coach means changes on and off the field. >> sports reporter lauren brill caught up with some of the players today to find out how they feel about the new head coach. >> reporter: we caught up with some of the players because a new head coach means change for the players so we found out what they think of the new hire, hue jackson. the players finding out about everyone else. >> reporter: and the players we spoke to are excited. >> he's a good guy. cincinnati. >> and i kind of stood there for a little bit. >> reporter: the players we
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>> he's a good guy. he has a good body of work with cincinnati. >> to have directed the organization, it's a good move by them. >> reporter: they've heard nothing but good things. >> i just heard he's a player's coast. every player i've talked to that's been around him, they see him as positive. about him. they're excited. >> i'm always excited to have a guy like that in the building and have a guy like that, that wants to win. >> reporter: now, tonight on newschannel5 at 11:00 we will receiver andrew haw cifnlts he played in cincinnati while jackson was the running backs coach so he has a unique lauren brill, newschannel5. the browns expected to
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we do plan to live stream it on our newsnet5 app, then tune coverage of the browns' new head coach. breaking news on the water main break that has forced cleveland drivers to detour for more than a week. i know it's been a pain, but says the westbound lanes of chester between east 55th and east 36th are reopen tonight. i hear you saying yea. been completely shut down since the break 11 days ago. the eastbound lanes are still closed tonight. >> we've got more worries on wall street, the dow closing down 365 points as crude oil prices dipped below $30 a barrel. the s & p dropped below 1900 for the first time since october. the nasdaq plunged 135 points. screw well, planning to fly for spring break, or how about summer vacation? for the first time in a long time cleveland hopkins is the way to go.
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dropped 20% in the second half of 2015, but across the country the average flight only dropped 3%. so why is north east ohio getting a better bang for the buck? >> now that united that left as a hub carrier, the ultra low-cost carriers, primarily spirit, frontier, and jetblue, have now come to cleveland, and they're running fares that are significantly lower than what the hub carrier could operate. >> the decrease in fares led to an increase in passengers who had to maneuver the maze of construction happening there. completion is expected in time for the republican national convention. bitterly cold out there, mark. but we're feeling warm. the browns after new coach. >> that's right. >> i can guarantee you that next year the browns will play at least 16 games. you heard it here first. >> mark is so deep. >> take that to the bank. let's talk about what's going on outside.
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a few flurries here and there as well. there's our live look. flurries downtown. light snow moving in over the next four to six hours, accumulating in most spots less than an inch. not a major winter storm. not the disruptive weather that we've seen the last few days. light snow with this system which is here near saginaw, michigan. a weak alberta clipper. we will zoom in, show you the arrival of the snow. flurries at hop king, lorain getting light snow. mansfield, sandusky, light snow and flurries. here are your expected snowfall totals. kids who want another snow day tomorrow, i think the answer is pretty much get your homework done by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. here are the expected snowfall totals. that is it. i don't think there's going to be much to shovel even for anyone tomorrow morning. 16 cleveland to akron, 15
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wooster, 15 in elyria. if you are going out in the next few hours, elyria has a windchill of 0. 3 below in mansfield. we will still see winds a little breezy. 9:30 p.m., the system is overhead. we've got steady, light snow but notice the temperatures. going up. by sunrise tomorrow morning i think middle and upper 20s looks good. the snow has exited the building with the exception of a little lake-effect snow for ashtabula county. squall. highs today currently 16. a morning start of 8. 10 below 0 in 1977 the record low. some of the snowfall totals, cleveland for the season 5.4 inches of snow. just in the last 24 hours.
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willoughby slammed with the squall. concord nine inches of snow. that's where that squall set up where squalls per sit. remember, outside of that squall, limited amounts of snowfall. this is a light dusting here. the next system well off to our north and west. that's going to bring in some warmer temperatures and some rainfall for your friday. so get ready for a little mini warm-up. it will be brief but we'll watch some rain showers begin to drive our way as we head into fry dined friday night. warming up tonight, 27 degrees, light snow, generally a dusting to less than an inch by dawfnt here we go. thursday a little bit of morning flakes, 36. 45 with afternoon rain friday, then it's scattered snow, 34, then back in the teens and 20s next week. don't forget we are your
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just into our newsroom, cleveland firefighters working to put out a fire at a warehouse on the east side. you can see from the video the fire is pretty much contained to the inside of that building. firefighters say the steel business, there were a couple of people in the building when the fire started. we're told no one was hurt. a consumer alert especially for those of you about to play the powerball.
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the $1.5 billion jackpot? the better business bureau expects scammers are going to try to take advantage of you by tricking you into thinking that you've won smaller prizes. scammers typically reach out to victims via e-mail or maybe by phone, asking for money to cover taxes on supposed winnings. so be careful tomorrow. if after you powerball ticket you're probably well aware of the odds working against you but probably feel someone has to eventually win. >> there you go. john kosich joins us live. we haven't seen a powerball winner in more than two months now. >> that's why this jackpot is so big. we wondered, would it even be possible for one person to say, to heck with it, give me all the tickets? since november 4th the powerball jackpot has been growing. twice a week millions of
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tickets at 11:00 01 p.m. they had gingerly crailgded. at $2 a ticket would only cost you $584 million to win. that would leave you with a before tax profit of at least $346 million. some of your taxes could be offset because $583 million are technically a gambling loss, which is tax deductible. before you go running for a loan you can't just plop a half billion plus down to cover the field. you physically need a ticket for each combination, and you need to fill out a card if you want specific numbers. even if you had the money and the cards filled out and say 100 machines at your soul 24- hour-a-day disposal, you would need 34 days to print out all
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so that means you're going to need to set that half billion dollars you had set aside. >> i already spent it. the bentley is on order. >> you can only watch the drawing right here tonight at 11:00. good luck. >> good luck, everybody.
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